Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poll Results: The Best Actress for Clark Gable.

Clark Gable was (and still is) the King of Hollywood. He paired up with many of Hollywood's leading actresses including the Queen of Hollywood, Myrna Loy. I was very interested who you would choose as the best actress paired with Clark Gable. My personal favorite is Jean Harlow. They did so many wonderful films together, and played so well opposite each other. Vivien Leigh is obviously a great choice for their pairing in "Gone with the Wind". Myrna Loy and Joan Crawford were good choices too, as was Carole Lombard. I don't know how, but I forgot to add Claudette Colbert to the list, what was I thinking! So, who was voted Clark Gable's best leading lady? Vivien Leigh is the winner tonight!

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh are such a wonderful pair in "Gone with the Wind". I don't believe that anyone could ever choose a better actor or actress to play Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara! They teamed up so well in this film.

Clark Gable was the first choice of movie fans to play Rhett Butler. So really, it made David O. Selznick's decision pretty easy. To make sure that he got Gable, Selznick gave the distribution rights over to MGM. It was a great deal for both Selznick and MGM.

The hunt for Scarlet O'Hara was movie making history. Just about every actress in Hollywood wanted that part. Down to the end it looked like maybe Paulette Goddard was going to be the one to win . But in the end, Myron Selznick (David's brother) who was an agent, brought in Vivien Leigh. The rest is history.

A beautiful couple for a wonderful movie. "Gone with the Wind" is one of my all time favorite films. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh are two of the reasons that it's a favorite. I've been wanting to watch it again for a while, maybe I'll get a chance to this week. I hope so!

Don't forget to select your favorite Christmas movie in my current poll! The poll ends on December 20, and the results will be posted on the 21st.

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