Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grand Hotel's Hollywood Premier

I just had to post this video! This is the actual premier of "Grand Hotel" in 1932. I love this so much! This video is on the "Grand Hotel" DVD, and I watch it regularly. There are so many stars in this, way too many to list. How exciting it would have been to attend this and the many other premiers back then! Take a look, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I apologize for the subtitles, I couldn't find a clip without them.


  1. Thanks for posting that on Grand Hotel. Been awhile since I seen it though. Need to re-watch it again. Love classic movies which feature a big cast.

  2. Oh, isn't it lovely? I was wild with happiness when I discovered it on my Grand Hotel DVD! I think I included it in my own Grand Hotel post a while ago, too!

  3. monty-

    I love big cast movies too! I could watch them over and over again.


    This is one of my favorite extras on a DVD!