Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"The Star Machine"

One of the best books on old Hollywood that I have ever read is “The Star Machine”, written by Jeanine Basinger. This book goes into great detail on how the studios used to create stars. The process described in this book was fascinating! Jeanine Basinger writes about many different stars and how they were formed by the studio system and what they eventually became, whether they were what the studio wanted or not. It is a rather long book, it runs 553 pages, but worth every bit of it. I highly recommend this book! Jeanine Basinger is a leading expert on classic film, and she really excels in writing on the studio system. I also recommend "Silent Stars",also written by Jeanine Basinger. If you want to know how everything worked in the major studios during the golden age of cinema, pick up this book at your local bookstore today!

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