Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters were definitely not movie stars. They really weren’t ever regular characters in movies either. When The Andrews Sisters were in movies, they always played themselves. Entertaining the troops in World War II was their primary goal in each movie. They’d usually start on screen with a song, then we’d see them here and there singing or just being Patty, Maxine, and Laverne.

Patty was generally the one to have most of the lines. None of the three were really “actors”, but they all had great presence on screen. Of course out of all of their songs on film, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” from “Buck Privates” was the most popular, and still the one best known today.

My Dad loved The Andrews Sisters. I’m sure that he was their biggest fan ever, I’m not exaggerating! Growing up I heard them all the time. The only film of theirs that I remember ever watching as a child was “Private Buckaroos“. They sang many songs in this movie, the most well known was “Don’t Sit Under the Apple tree”.

I mostly just want to write about the great movie stars in classic film in this blog, but I can’t ignore the ones who made such a big impact in music, that also made cameos in movies. The Andrews Sisters are one of these groups who I believe made a great impact in music and film in World War II, and helped greatly with the overall morale of the public.

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