Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Love Tyrone Power!!!

What can I say? I love, love, love Tyrone Power! I shouldn’t even have to write anything here, just put up several pictures, they speak for themselves.

Tyrone Edmund Power Jr. was born in Cincinnati Ohio on May 5, 1913. His father was an actor on stage and eventually on screen. Tyrone did not grow up around his father. Towards the end of his fathers life, he spent some time around him learning the art of acting. Tyrone soon started work as an actor on Broadway. He trained under Katherine Cornell, and started getting offers from Hollywood. He didn’t feel his was ready to tackle Hollywood yet, so he waited a little while before accepting an offer at 20th Century Fox. His first film with this studio was “Girls' Dormitory”. His part is very small and we don’t see him until the very end of the movie. He walks in a door and says, “Marie”! Right away you know that he is a star! It is said that Hedda Hopper watched “Girls' Dormitory” through a second time just to see the name of this beautiful man in the end credits. 20th Century Fox soon threw Tyrone into several movies, capitalizing in his image as a young playboy, and later as swashbuckling hero. He is best known for his films “The Mark of Zorro”, “The Razor’s Edge”, and “Witness for the Prosecution”. He was married three times to actresses Annabella, Linda Christian, and Deborah Ann Minardos. Tyrone also had three children, Romina, Taryn, and Tyrone IV. On November 15, 1958 Tyrone Power suffered a heart attack on the set of a movie. Shortly thereafter, he died. He was only forty five years old. He is remembered every year on the anniversary of his death at the Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Tyrone Power is one of the greatest and best looking actors to ever be on the silver screen. In my opinion, very few can even slightly reach the level he is on. What a man!!


  1. You are so right about this adonis of a man. In my opinion, no one...not then...not now, has ever come close to looking like he did. He was the handsomest man to ever step in front of a camera.

  2. Agree. A perfectly dazzling face to get lost in.