Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Piece of the Stars

There are a series of cards put out by Donruss which are devoted to classic film actors and actresses. These are the Donruss Americana cards. There are many diffrent variations of these, but you can take a look and some of them on the Donruss website, or search for them on ebay.

Donruss started issuing these collectors cards in 2007, and have offered a new collection each year since. The best way to get exactly the card you want is to go strait to ebay.

My favorite are the Hollywood Legends Materials cards. These cards have a swatch of clothing actually worn by the star on the card. Donruss is a reliable trading card company, so you can trust that they are the real thing. Also, if they weren't the real thing, Donruss would have quite a big lawsuit on their hands!

There are only so many of these cards made, and on different scales. For instance..

Hollywood Legends Materials Super Stars: 25 or less were made

Hollywood Legends Materials Golden Era: 50 or less were made

Hollywood Legends Materials Silver Screen: 100 or less were made

Hollywood Legends Materials: 350 or less were made

You can also find other variations, but the Hollywood Legends Materials are the best! In my collection there are, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Mae West, Mary Pickford, and others. I love them all!!! Most are from the 2007 collection, but I also have a couple of 2008. I have not purchased any 2009. I bought them quite a while back, and recently I have noticed that the value for the ones I own has increased substantially. That makes me very happy that I bought them when I did!

I'm sure that some of you have seen these, but I really wanted to post about them because they're so fabulous!!! Just think, you can own a piece of clothing from your favorite star!

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