Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mont Blanc Commemorates Ingrid Bergman

Earlier this week I visited a Mont Blanc store. They have some of the most beautiful writing instruments I have ever seen! I was so pleased that they put out an Ingrid Bergman pen.

There are actually three editions to this pen, "La Donna", "L'Attrice", and "La Diva" I was able to see and hold the "La Donna" pen. It was absolutely beautiful! One side of the cap has an amethyst and the other has an Ingrid Bergman signature. The other two editions I did not see, but the pictures of them are unbelievable. They are available in fountain or ballpoint.

There is also a Greta Garbo pen that was released in 2005, and a Marlene Dietrich pen in 2007. I have the Greta Garbo pen! It too is extremely beautiful. I would love to get the Marlene Dietrich and Ingrid Bergman pens sometime. If you are interested in these, click on the links below. It is much better if you see them in person, so try to find a store near you.

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  1. Jesus Christ, they look expensive! The Garbo one was my favorite, I think. Unfortunately for me, the closest Mont Blanc shop for me is in Copenhagen!