Thursday, October 15, 2009

Born in the Wrong Decade?

The other day I noticed that there is a online group called "I was born in the wrong decade". I have thought this for years! There have been many times that I've wondered how it would have been living in a different era.

With being an old movie fanatic, I have often wished I had lived in those decades. A while back I was really into the 1920's, and I still am to some degree. But then I have to remember, the stock market crash of '29 ended that era. Then the glamorous movies in the 1930's! I would have loved to live during that time and wear all of those fabulous close and go to the big nightspots. I would not have wanted to live during the depression though. I'm sure I would have not been idly rich during that time. The 1940's is a wonderful time too, but what about WWII? So it's really hard to determine which decade I would like to live in. I guess if I would have been rich, I would pick the 30's. I just love everything about that time.

Another thing that I consider when I'm wondering about the different era's, is that we have the technology today to enjoy the best of them all! We can just pop in a movie or CD and be transported to the roaring twenties, or the swinging forties. If you want to go further back, you can put in a film set in the Regency or Victorian age. Even though I do not really fit in this current era, I can always enjoy the many wonderful days gone by.

Do you have a favorite time that you would have liked to live? I'd love to hear your choices!

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