Thursday, October 1, 2009

1932 Magazine: A Fan's Queen of the Movies

I was looking through my 1932 Picture Play magazine the other day and found so many things fascinating. One of which was the "What the Fans Think" section. Here many fans wrote in about movies, actors and actresses, etc. I thought that this letter was wonderful...

"In my mind there can never be but one real queen of the movies. A queen who, starting in as an extra, worked her way up into the sweetly romantic types which so characterized her parts before the great demon, sound, came in. Then she, in her regal manner which so befits her wondrous form and beauty, changed overnight from the sweet heroine in to a blase, sophisticated woman of the world.

Even as the pictures had left their swaddling clothes and suddenly grown up, her acclaimed popularity is proved by the box-office receipts.

Now ask the patrons of any of the film palaces who he or she believes should reign as queen, and they will reply, as I do, Norma Shearer!"

Frances Ann North, Topeka, Kansas

She is absolutely right in the fact of how popular Norma Shearer was at the time. In 1932 I believe that she was queen of the movies. I think that these magazines are so much fun! I hope to add to my collection as soon as I can!

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  1. Aw, where does one find these interesting vintage magazines? Anyway, Norma looks beautiful in the photo!

    On a sidenote, you'll see that my site URL has changed, unfortunately, but thanks for adding me to your bloglist!